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Salt Lake City Utah Radon Mitigation Systems By Wasatch Radon

Rid your Salt Lake City basement of harmful radon gas with the quality guaranteed services of Wasatch Radon.

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Wasatch Radon's Services

Wasatch Radon's services are comprehensive to eliminate the danger of harmful radon gas in your basement and home. Providing both testing and mitigation, you can turn to Wasatch Radon for safe, practical radon services.

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Radon Testing

Find out if you have radon in basement or well with radon testing. You may be required to test for radon while selling your home. At other times, you may investigate radon if symptoms of radon poisoning (cough, chest pain, hoarse voice) are apparent in your family.

Whatever your reason, Wasatch Radon has free test kits for you. What is a radon test kit? These are small pods or sheets made of materials that can be marked by radioactive particles. They can take anywhere from two days to three months. When your results arrive, we’ll help break them down so you understand the risks and benefits of radon mitigation.

Radon Mitigation

Wasatch Radon’s mitigation services feature free evaluations and piped systems. Radon mitigations systems aim to collect and vent the harmful gas out of the living space. Wasatch installs discreet piping on the exterior of the home that carries the gas away from any potential victims.

What Is Radon?

A radioactive gas that is found throughout the world, radon only becomes dangerous when it enters homes. You cannot see or smell radon, so it is important to test for it.

Why Is Radon Dangerous?

If radon collects in your basement through fissures in your foundation, you may be at risk of serious lung diseases like cancer. When breathing in radon, you breathe in radioactive particles. Over time, this can cause radon poisoning. Your doctor may suspect this if you have an unexplainable cough, chest pain, hoarse voice, or other trouble breathing. Radon poisoning, if left untreated and with continued exposure over a long period of time, can turn into lung cancer. After smoking, radon results in the highest number of lung cancer deaths.

Choose The Wasatch Guarantee

Wasatch's work is quality-guaranteed, and we are fully licensed and insured. Our owner is part of the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST). We use the National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) to train our expert employees.

Taking advantage of modern technology and the best available materials, we build a functioning, discreet system to keep your home safe. If our systems do not reduce radon to 2.7 pCI/L or less, we will keep working until we get it right. Your satisfaction and safety is our priority.

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Don't leave Salt Lake City homes unprotected from radon. Bring Wasatch Radon out for a free evaluation and test today. We can help interpret your results. If you need a radon mitigation system, our systems are quality-guaranteed, aesthetically pleasing, and technologically-forward. Keep yourself and your family safe from radioactive radon gas with mitigation services.